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ADAMEP (Improve the Development of Animals by Controlling their Early Environment)


CHAILLOU, Elodie &
NOWAK, Raymond

LES COMPROMIS (What compromises need to be made to prioritise the health and welfare of farm animals?)


BEDERE, Nicolas &
MINVIEL, Jean-Joseph

RUMBA (Digital network for the health and welfare of farm animals)



SOSAgro (Pro/Antioxidant status and Agroecological Systems)


MEYNADIER, Annabelle

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[Consortium] : Technological advances have greatly increased the potential to collect livestock data automatically and at high frequency, at different scales and ever-lower costs
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[Consortium] :The influence of environmental events experienced at an early age on the development of an individual's well-being and health is no longer to be ignored in livestock species. The mother's nutritional status, pre- and post-natal stress, mother's milk, solid food and its nature, the microbiota and social experience are all factors that shape the individual with more or less long-term effects.
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[Consortium] :New agro-ecological practices will significantly alter farming methods and lead to more rational use of medicinal and phytosanitary inputs, conditions which could potentially affect the health and well-being of the animals. Under these conditions, pro- and antioxidant mechanisms are central to the adaptation of animals to their environment.
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[Consortium] : les compromis ont toujours été au cœur des décisions pour la construction et la gestion des systèmes d’élevage. Toutefois la santé et le bien-être des animaux ne sont pas systématiquement ou clairement identifiés comme facteurs pris en compte dans l’établissement de ces compromis. Dans le cadre de ce consortium, nous nous intéressons particulièrement aux effets de placer la santé et le bien-être comme une performance clé dans la conception des systèmes d’élevage, dans la construction de nouveaux compromis et à l’évolution des compromis existants.
[Project] : Alternatives to artificial feeding in goat farms: effects on behaviour, the microbiota, health and milk quality

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