A paradigm shift...

SANBA aims to produce knowledge that will enable changes to livestock practices and production systems in order to guarantee the welfare and health of animals throughout their lives, at the scale of the animal, herd, farm, territory and sectors, while respecting the health and welfare of humans and the multi-performance of farms.

SANBA is addressing three challenges that combine science and action:

  • To understand the positive and negative interactions between health and welfare,
  • To propose solutions that preserve animal health and welfare by managing any necessary compromises, and
  • To support changes to livestock systems and sectors.




SANBA’s ambitions

  • To insert this paradigm shift within the context of an agroecological transition of livestock systems and with a view to reducing the use of antimicrobial agents.
  • To implement interdisciplinary research at different scales ranging from an animal to territories.
  • To apply a multi-criteria approach to each of these analytical scales in order to evaluate the impact of changes to practices on the sustainability of livestock systems, while integrating all services rendered by livestock farming (ecosystem services).
  • To develop and nourish innovations through cognitive, finalised and participative approaches.
  • To work on different sectors, in different territories and within the broad diversity of production systems (organic farming, conventional agriculture, etc.).
  • To acquire international visibility.


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