The animal

The animal

Area 1. High-performance and robust animals, in good health and living under conditions that ensure their welfare

Research questions

  • What are the mechanisms that link different aspects of welfare and health (psycho-neuro-endocrinal mechanisms, physiological relationships: do positive or negative feelings have an impact on health and how, and vice-versa?), and what is the role of the microbiota in this respect?
  • What are the compromises/synergies between health, welfare and the traits that govern efficiency (of feed, production, reproduction, adaptation, immunity, etc.), and the physiological and genetic bases for these compromises?
  • How to evaluate the complementarity of biotechnical levers for action (genetic, nutrition, microbiota function) and environmental factors and their interactions, at the scales of the animal and the group, in order to obtain robust animals that are resilient to infections and disease throughout their lives?

In this folder

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[Project] : Pig welfare and Immune Programming: determination and exploration of metabolic and epigenetic mechanisms
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[Projet] : Today, animal welfare is not simply restricted to ensuring adequate housing and food, good health, an absence of negative emotions and the presence of positive emotional states.
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[Consortium] : Technological advances have greatly increased the potential to collect livestock data automatically and at high frequency, at different scales and ever-lower costs
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[Consortium] :The influence of environmental events experienced at an early age on the development of an individual's well-being and health is no longer to be ignored in livestock species. The mother's nutritional status, pre- and post-natal stress, mother's milk, solid food and its nature, the microbiota and social experience are all factors that shape the individual with more or less long-term effects.
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[Consortium] :New agro-ecological practices will significantly alter farming methods and lead to more rational use of medicinal and phytosanitary inputs, conditions which could potentially affect the health and well-being of the animals. Under these conditions, pro- and antioxidant mechanisms are central to the adaptation of animals to their environment.
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[Project] : to assess the effects of an innovative enrichment system involving the introduction of a pipe generating a curtain of bubbles into the tank from the earliest stages of life, since preliminary observations have shown that fish are attracted to areas where bubbles are diffused.
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[Project] : The PrenatOdor project aims to generate knowledge on the effectiveness of a strategy based on prenatal olfactory enrichment to improve animal health and welfare in livestock farming, using a multi-disciplinary approach combining ethology, immunology and epigenetics.
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[Projet] : Trade-off between immunocompetence, behaviour and production in laying hens raised with an outdoor access.
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[PhD project]. Financing : 50% INRAE (MP-SANBA), 50% Région Pays de la Loire. PhD student : Solenn GAVAUD
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[Consortium] : les compromis ont toujours été au cœur des décisions pour la construction et la gestion des systèmes d’élevage. Toutefois la santé et le bien-être des animaux ne sont pas systématiquement ou clairement identifiés comme facteurs pris en compte dans l’établissement de ces compromis. Dans le cadre de ce consortium, nous nous intéressons particulièrement aux effets de placer la santé et le bien-être comme une performance clé dans la conception des systèmes d’élevage, dans la construction de nouveaux compromis et à l’évolution des compromis existants.
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