Our objectives

Our objectives

Our objectives

Considering animal health and welfare jointly

The general objective of the metaprogramme is to generate knowledge that will enable changes to livestock practices and production systems, at the scales of the animal, herd, farm, region and sectors, so as to guarantee the health and welfare of animals throughout their lives, from birth to slaughter, while respecting the health and welfare of humans, and the multi-performance of farms.

To generate knowledge


To meet this objective, the metaprogramme will conduct interdisciplinary research and mobilise multi-criteria approaches that take account of the scales of the animal, herd, farm, sectors and regions. The research will cover the following topics :

  • To understand the positive and negative interactions between welfare and health
  • To propose solutions that both preserve the health and welfare of animals
  • Through the knowledge acquired, to support the transition of livestock systems and sectors towards sustainable methods                                                                                                                                         


Health & welfare

  • Considering animal health and welfare jointly is a priority for SANBA and it may give rise to research questions that are original.
  • The Metaprogramme operates in a perspective of transformation of livestock systems and husbandry practices. We target breakthrough evolutions preferably, rather than upgraded or improved evolutions.
  • At the heart of this goal there are trade-offs between health, welfare and global performance:
    • That need to be identified, and the mechanisms behind them elucidated
    • And arbitrated in the designing of new breeding systems, in interaction with the stakeholders

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