Bandeau métaprogrammes
INRAE metaprogrammes

INRAE metaprogrammes

Interdisciplinary scientific programming tools
In 2010, INRAE set up a scientific programming tool based on major objectives aimed at an interdisciplinary and inter-divisional mobilisation of the institute in a limited number of thematic areas considered strategic. As a follow-up to the eight metaprogrammes that were deployed at the time, INRAE is committed to creating a new generation of metaprogrammes from 2019 onwards, taking into account the context of the food and agro-ecological transition, as well as climate change, and aiming to respond to current challenges in phase with society.

A metaprogramme aims to understand a complex system or process that requires the mobilisation of several disciplinary fields, an integration of knowledge, and even engineering tools, in order to remove cognitive or methodological barriers and propose solutions. Its ambition is to :

  • Develop interdisciplinary research; at the forefront of knowledge, on major societal and/or scientific issues,
  • Stimulate and consolidate an emerging scientific community on new fronts or issues,
  • Increase the impact and scientific visibility of INRAE and its communities on an international scale.

A metaprogramme is built and developed over a period of five to eight years, drawing on multiple visions and complementary approaches, while involving a broad scientific community. It is also intended to embody the Institute's values and policy of openness, both with regard to national and international higher education and research players and with regard to social, environmental and economic issues. Each metaprogramme receives financial support.

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  • CLIMAE : Agriculture and forestry in the face of climate change: adaptation and mitigation (2021)
  • DIGIT-BIO : Digital biology to explore and predict living organisms (2021)
  • HOLOFLUX : Holobionts and microbial flux within agrifood systems (2019)
  • METABIO : Scaling up organic agriculture (2019)
  • SANBA : Farm animal health and welfare (2019)
  • SuMCrop : Sustainable management of crop health (2020)
  • SYALSA : Food systems and human health (2021)
  • XRISQUESMultiple Risks and Uncertainties for Food Systems, Agroecosystems and People (forthcoming)

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